We have chosen United Arab Emirates as a priority and a privileged country for Créative France as it not only reflects the longstanding cultural and creative ties between our two nations, but also exciting prospects for future UAE/France partnerships in fields such as technology, industry, fashion, cuisine, science, and the arts. UAE and France have shared a deeply-held mutual respect in the fields of culture, fashion and art for more than a century and in the past several decades this relationship has deepened and broadened across a range of industrial fields ranging from aerospace and robotics to high-tech materials.
About more than a hundred companies from the Gulf States are established in France, where they employ more than three thousand people.
Two hundred of these employments were created in 2014, when five investment measures from the Gulf States were decided. Therewith, about the half of these investments are directed towards production and realization businesses. Furthermore, nearly 50% of the Gulf States’ investments are first-time investments, which goes to show their dynamism and the country’s growing presence.
In 2014, the Foreign Direct Investments from the Gulf States in France amounted 3.7 billion euros, making them the fourteenth largest foreign investor in the country.
As a commercial hub, the UAE have proved to be an exceptional business partner for our companies over the years. Indeed, the Emirates are the first commercial outlet for France in the Middle-East and they represent France’s fourth largest trade surplus worldwide. French exports have tripled over a decade and are currently consolidating in spite of a particularly competitive environment.
The creative campaign communication artwork chosen for the United Arab Emirates launch seeks to reflect the boundless future and potential for innovation and creativity between our countries, showcasing creative French talent in the areas of aerospace, green technology, robotics, computer programming and mathematics.
The 11 visuals we have chosen to use in United Arab Emirates for the Créative France initiative showcase companies and individuals who are pioneers in their fields. They particularly include the following:
Airbus Group’s electric aircraft, E-fan, developed specifically for electric power. This is a world first, bringing electric propulsion to the aviation sector and leading the industry in environmentally-friendly aviation.
Medtech’s robotic device Rosa, described as a GPS for the brain, is the first and only robotic medical device approved for clinical neurosurgery in Europe and North America. Rosa’s advanced capabilities, with a robotic arm replicating the movements of a human arm, is displayed prominently in our visuals.
42 is a private computer-training school established by Xavier Niel. Free of charge and accessible to all, regardless of education level, the school stays open around the clock in order to reach its goal of training 1,000 highly talented developers over the next five years.
Hélène Darroze named best female chef in the world in 2015. She has her own brilliantly original take on regional French cuisine.
Our carefully selected artwork and digital visuals aim to reflect technological innovation, echoing UAE’s outstanding reputation for technological innovation in a range of fields.