We have chosen Japan as the global launch location for Créative France, as it not only reflects the longstanding cultural and creative ties between our two nations, but also exciting prospects for future Japan/France partnerships in fields such as technology, industry, fashion, cuisine, science, and the arts. Japan and France have shared a deeply-held mutual respect in the fields of culture, cuisine and art for more than a century and in the past several decades this relationship has deepened and broadened across a range of industrial fields ranging from aerospace and robotics to high-tech materials.

Over 450 Japanese companies have operations in France, including automotive giant Toyota and global cosmetics firm Shiseido, while more than 400 French companies have operations in Japan. We are also major trading and investment partners. France is the third largest direct investor in Japan and France is the most popular investment location for Japanese companies investing in continental Europe.

The creative campaign communication artwork chosen for the Japan launch seeks to reflect the boundless future and potential for innovation and creativity between our countries, showcasing creative French talent in the areas of aerospace, green technology, robotics, computer programming and mathematics.
The visuals we have chosen to use in Japan for the Créative France initiative showcase companies and individuals who are pioneers in their fields. They include the following.
Airbus Group’s electric aircraft, E-fan, developed specifically for electric power. This is a world first, bringing electric propulsion to the aviation sector and leading the industry in environmentally-friendly aviation.

French mathematician Cédric Villani will be showcased as one of our creative individuals. Cédric Villani’s enthusiasm for mathematics demonstrates a creative link between the arts and the sciences.
Xavier Niel, who created a groundbreaking, IT computer programming school “42” was chosen for our final visual. Xavier Niel has established a unique system of free education with innovative teaching methods to develop IT skills with all ages.

Our carefully selected artwork and digital visuals aim to reflect technological innovation, echoing Japan’s outstanding reputation for technological innovation in a range of fields.