We have chosen China as a priority and a privileged country for Créative France campaign as it not only reflects the longstanding cultural and creative ties between our two nations but also the promising prospects for future China/France partnerships in fields such as technology, health, environment, industry, fashion, gastronomy science and culture. As we celebrated last year the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and France, we also celebrated an intense cooperation in the fields of culture, arts and economics for the past decades. We are now at a turning point of this relationship as on one side China is rebalancing its growth model in order to move up in the value chain, and on the other side France needs its innovation capacities to go global.

France is a top destination for Chinese investments in Europe and over 200 Chinese companies have already invested in France, and have created about 20 000 jobs. Recently several landmarked projects were implemented – including CIC stake acquisition in Engie, Fosun takeover of Club Méditerrannée, and the scope of investments have broadened to new sectors such as IT (Lenovo, Haier), Finance (Bank of China, CCB) and tourism (HNA, Fosun). China is also a major trade and investment partner for 1500 French companies which created 570 000 jobs in China.

In 2016, France will develop a specific “trade and investment” map for China rich with 50 pavilions or business delegations on major trade-fairs or forums. This program embodies the French government’s policy priorities on 6 focuses : agro alimentary, health, smart city, environment and sustainable development, digital economy and tourism. This large scale exchange platform with Chinese companies is marked by a willingness to cover the whole China, beyond the major coastal cities where the French presence is stronger, and we will lead business delegations in twenty cities representing more than 70 different local events throughout China.” We will also organize several events all around China to introduce opportunities in France in the field of innovation for Chinese companies and investors.

The Créative France campaign communication artwork chosen for China seeks to reflect the boundless future and potential for innovation and creativity between our two countries, showcasing creative French talent in the areas of aerospace, green technology, cuisine, healthcare, and new technologies.

The visuals we have chosen to use in China for the Creative France initiative showcase companies and individual who are pioneers in their fields. They include the following:

Airbus Group’s electric aircraft, E-fan, developed specifically for electric power. This is a world first, bringing electric propulsion to the aviation sector and leading the industry in environmentally-friendly aviation.

Medtech’s robotic device Rosa, described as a GPS for the brain, is the first and only robotic medical device approved for clinical neurosurgery in Europe and North America. Rosa’s advanced capabilities, with a robotic arm replicating the movements of a human arm, is displayed prominently in our visuals.

The world’s best female chef Hélène Darroze and well known mathematician Cédric Villani will be showcased as two of our creative individuals. Hélène Darroze has held two Michelin stars at one time or another in each of her two restaurants, Hélène Darroze at the Connaught in London and Restaurant Hélène Darroze in Paris. Cédric Villani is a mathematics professor at Université Claude Bernard and member of the French Academy of Sciences, was awarded the Fields Medal – the highest honor in the field of mathematics – in 2010.

42, a private computer-training school established by Xavier Niel in Paris’ 17th arrondissement.
Free of charge, accessible to all and stays open around the clock in order to reach its goal of training 1,000 highly talented developers over the next five years.

Our carefully selected artwork and digital visuals aim to reflect technological innovation.